Reverse Idler Gear Bushing Replacement

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Reverse Idler Gear Bushing Replacement

Postby wfmdfm » Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:48 am

While in the process of rebuilding my transmission I found the Idler Gear to have a lot of slop on the shaft. After checking the specs and miking the shaft and bushing I decided to replace the bushing. Searching the forum and reading the manual I found that it was more than just pressing out and pressing in a new one. I also found that this is a part that needed to come from the dealer. I am not a machinist but here is how I replaced the bushing.
The first step was to find one. TM does not have it so I found one at ... t_id=26727

The bearing was very thin and I did not dare press the old one out with the new one. I found a 12 mm Craftsman socket was just the tool to press it out.

Using the arbor press it slid out very easy.

Pressing the new one in was just as simple.

The manual calls for reaming the bushing to some tight tolerances

I was able to purchase a reamer that will adjust from 0.59375 to 0.65625. I actual ended up getting a full set at Harbor Freight.

Next was figuring out how to adjust it to what I needed. Once I messed with it I found that working the adjustment nuts on both ends of the tool that I could adjust to tight tolerances. Working with a micrometer I got it to where I needed to be and then checked each cutter for the proper measurement.

I was good to go at that point. I held the gear in one hand and the reamer in the other and slowly worked the tool thru the bushing. Spinning the reamer as I pushed it thru.

Not much is removed as you can see the small remains of what was reamed out.

I put some fresh oil on the shaft and slid it in. I turned very smooth without any slop.
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Re: Reverse Idler Gear Bushing Replacement

Postby Criswell » Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:33 pm

Concise and to the point. Only two things I would add, use some oil before pressing in the new bushing and cutting fluid/oil when reaming, and do not reverse the direction of the reamer (always turn clockwise).
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