How to remove and install new valve guides

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How to remove and install new valve guides

Postby Virginia Joe » Mon May 05, 2014 8:21 pm

Below is how I replaced valve guides in a Farmall Cub. Special thanks goes to Tom (Tractorboy3) for his advice that made it possible.
You will need one 3” long x 5/16 grade 8 and nut and bolt, a small spacer and a piece of flat iron with a hole drilled in it.

After removing the valves, place the flat stock on top of the block and inset the bolt through the old valve guides.

Now place the nut on the bottom of the bolt.

Then turn the nut with a ratchet and open end wrench until the nut almost bottoms out on the block. At this point, unloosen the nut, install the spacer and nut, and continue to tighten until the guide is free.

Tom said it perfectly;
I pulled my guides out from the top, without removing cam shaft. Used a bolt, and assorted washers...they came right out...then I put the new guides in the freezer overnight, warmed the block...and the new ones went in easily...
Yes that will work. If I remember correctly, once the nut on the bottom reaches the block, you will need to remove the nut and add some spacers that are smaller in diameter than the guide to finish pulling it all the way out...Warming the block and putting the new guides in the freezer overnight worked like a charm when re-installing. Take them out of the freezer one at a time when installing...I used an old guide and bolt as an alignment tool to gently drive them back in...They should go in real easy to the depth you measured on the originally installed guides....Tom

Installing the guides:
I put the new valve guides in the freezer overnight. To install them, I grabbed the same bolt used in the removal process and placed on it an old valve guide (turned it upside down) and slid it onto the bolt.

Then heat the block with a torch directly around the valve space you are installing.

Get the new valve from the freezer and slip it onto the bolt and valve shown below.

Now drive the valve into position using a hammer to hit the top of the bolt until you have it to the correct depth.

Best of luck,
Joe Letteri

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