How to Install a Front Tire Using H L Chauvin's Tips

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How to Install a Front Tire Using H L Chauvin's Tips

Postby redfin » Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:51 am

This information may be helpful to you , especially if you have never mounted a tire or it has been a long time since you have. This will cover the mounting of the new tire both going tubeless and/or using a tube. This does not cover the dismounting of your old tire if there is one. As you progress with the installation you may be able to alter any of the procedures to fit your own comfort zone. This is how I mounted the front tires on my Cub using HL Chauvin’s garbage bag technique.

To begin:
Lay your rim on a solid surface large enough for you to work.

If using a tube:
You need to remove the schraeder valve or just let all of the air out and flatten the tube for easier installation.

If going tubeless:
You need to obtain a new valve stem and pull it thru the hole in the rim , from the inside out , pull it into place using a valve stem installation tool or whatever you have to safely grip the stem without cutting or smashing it. It will be locked into place when fully seated.

Place a garbage bag on 3/4 of the rim to use as a “lubricant“ if you will. The garbage bag will lay on the rim and function between the rim and tire being installed.

Place the tire over the rim and attempt to start mounting the tire. Start at the portion of the rim without the garbage bag making it easier to keep the tire from slipping out of place. Work the tire bead over the edge of the garbage bag covered rim going whichever direction around the rim you choose. You may work it from left to right , right to left or both at the same time. As you get the tire going and maybe 3/4 of the way onto the rim , depending on your strength and experience , you may be able to push the tire into place by hand or you may need the assistance of a large screwdriver, wooden shims or whatever you have that can be used safely without damaging the rim , tire, (tube if using one ), or injuring yourself in the process. I have mounted new front tires with no tools at all , except the garbage bag.

Without a tube:
Once you get the first side of the tire on the rim repeat the same steps and work the second side into the rim. It helps to keep the installed apart of the tire in the deep portion of the rim allowing more slack for the area you are installing.

With a tube:
Temporarily remove the garbage bag until after the tube is installed.
From the side of the rim that still needs the tire installed , stuff the tube into place by placing the valve stem of the tube thru the hole in the rim and work your way around the tire in whatever fashion works for you. Careful not to pinch the tube or you will be removing the tire shortly to repair a flat. These tires are very narrow so it could take a little patients to get the tube installed on the first couple of tires you install.

Once the tube is installed and out of the way make sure your garbage bag is in position and repeat the steps used to install the first side of the tire.

Remember to be safe with any objects you use to pry with as they can very easily become flying objects if not handled with care and caution.

Pics to be inserted shortly... rudi

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