Front Axle Wedges

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Front Axle Wedges

Postby tst » Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:39 pm

I came up with some new type front axle wedges, was not intending to do this but it just kind of dawned on me when I saw the piece that I am using in the pictures, this is already pre made and takes only 5 minutes to modify it to work on the cub, you can buy this for $8 each at home depot, good hardware store, etc
This is a what is called in my area a "FERNCO" fitting, it is a pipe adapter to reduce a 4" pipe to 3", it is a nice thick piece of heavy rubber which is already the correct size to fit between the axle tube and steering housing, it needs only minor modification to work, 1st I cut about 1.5" out of it so it can now wrap around the axle tube, you will notice the ridges on the adapter it fits right in tight, but was hard to get back off so I just flattened the one spot by cutting the ridges off where it fits under the steering housing so it was easier to get in and out, it stays snug by itself and it has a ridge on one side so it cannot be pushed in to far, if you have a nice painted tractor nothing gets scratched and the rubber is hard enough but flexable enough not to move, if you like you can leave it sticking out enough to put a hose clamp around it and it will not go anywhere!

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