How to keep those choke rods, starter rods etc. looking new!

Tips and tricks on repairs to your Cub’s structure.
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How to keep those choke rods, starter rods etc. looking new!

Postby troopfpc » Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:18 pm


Hey Folks!! Billy Maze here (name changed to protect the innocent (me)) with another new product. Forget the "Kaboom", "Super Putty" or "Hercules Hooks", we know offer the amazing new "Waller Wonder". This is not your ordinary shrink tubing that you can get at Radio Shack :wink:. This is our own special material :wink:.

Are you tired of metal on metal rubbing in vital areas and causing the unsightly "Wallered " out holes. Have you or are you restoring a tractor and don't want paint on paint rubbing?

Does your dash now look like this and you want that patched up hole to stay round?


Here is the amazing "Waller Wonder" in clear and red. We will use the clear on this Cub!

Cut your pieces to the desired size

"Waller Wonder" can be tough to slide around corners so wet it and apply a little liquid soap. Then make darn sure to remove the soap and any moisture before securing it in place. Here are the 3 locations where we will use "Waller Wonder" on a throttle rod.


Now go and fetch your favorite heat gun and put it to work on "Waller Wonder"

Now look at "Waller Wonder". You can barely tell it is there but it will protect against that horrible rubbing (at least until it wears out and needs replacing :wink: )



Smaller versions of "Waller Wonder" even work in other places like this!!!

Ofcourse this product will be great on starter and choke rods as well!! So folks, don't forget to order your "Waller Wonder", do it today and we will double the quantity absolutely free (just pay ridiculous shipping and handling).
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