Use of 12 Battery in a 6 Volt System???

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Use of 12 Battery in a 6 Volt System???

Postby BohemianJon » Fri Dec 16, 2022 7:13 am

I know its probably been covered somewheres in here but I can't seem to find it. My 130 has the 6 Volt system. It starts hard and many time the 6 volt battery gets run down without getting it started. Have get a 12 volt battery out and jump it and it will start right up! Once started runs good...but after working for an hour or so its run out of gas...and won't start. Have to walk home. After an hour or so, it will start with the 6 volt battery but just barely. Tractor has new plugs, points, plug wires and coil...the carb has been cleaned and gas tank and filter are clean.,,6 volt battery is less than a year old...don't use the tractor very much...hard to start...and once started ...not dependable. So, thinking of doing the conversion to 12 volt. But before doing the complete change over from the 6 volt system...what would happen if I just put a 12 volt battery in...and did no other changes??? I've checked the 6 and 12 volt CCA's and for the same size batteries the CCA's are about the same...around 600 for either voltage. Would there be any problem in just changing to a 12 volt battery and doing nothing else??? Thanks : help:

Gary Dotson
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Re: Use of 12 Battery in a 6 Volt System???

Postby Gary Dotson » Fri Dec 16, 2022 8:42 am

Will there be a problem? Yes, at least a couple, the first will be toasted points, then the coil will give up, oh, don’t turn on the lights. The generator and regulator probably would survive but they’re not going to work. Either fix you bad cable/ ground issue or do the full conversion.

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Re: Use of 12 Battery in a 6 Volt System???

Postby ricky racer » Fri Dec 16, 2022 10:40 am

I agree with Gary. If it were me, I'd probably change the battery cables. Those old cables get corrosion in them and don't carry the current that is needed. Don't go with anything smaller than a #2 copper cable. Six volt systems draw more current than 12 volt systems therefore they require heavier cables. I've used welding cable for my battery cables with good luck. The starter is grounded to the tractor through it's interface with the engine block. it never hurts to pull the starter and sand the mounting face and the mating surface on the engine block to assure good grounding. With good cables, good grounds and good connections your tractor should crank over with ease.
Below is a link to the correct cable from TM tractors. Again, don't skimp on the cable and buy one from the auto parts store, they're too small of gauge.

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Re: Use of 12 Battery in a 6 Volt System???

Postby inairam » Fri Dec 16, 2022 11:13 am

It sounds as if the charging system has an issue and you are running off of the battery. also, make sure you have AWG2 cables for to the starter and ground. the 6volters really need the bigger cables. Usually, the CCA for the 6 is higher for a given size like the U1 and 26R .

U1 batteries are hard to find right now. I was in a Duracell store last week to get a deep cycle battery for a small solar project I have and bought a u1 for my 130 just because I saw it there. A month so so ago I was in 3 different auto parts stores looking for one - no joy.

I have this type of battery tester (25-50 on amazon). I keep it with my jumper cables. If I have to jump a battery I test it and the charging system right off.
battery tester.jpg
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Re: Use of 12 Battery in a 6 Volt System???

Postby ShawnAgne » Fri Dec 16, 2022 9:01 pm

I converted all 3 of mine to 12V. The Cub and 100 were 6V, but notice I said all 3. The PO or maybe the PPO or PPPO of the 300 did the 8volt trick on it. Always wondered why it started different than the Cub. SO not sure what all is involved in doing that but may be an option as all the bulbs and stuff were still 6V.

Personally I would just convert to 12 and be done. Makes life easier with jumping, and if you want to run accessories like sprayers and stuff that need 12V you are already there.
Shawn Agne

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