farming in 1/16th scale!

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farming in 1/16th scale!

Postby John68 » Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:10 am

In Ken Updike's post about the new toys, I alluded to the fact that I build toys.

I figured I would lay a few things out, and let you pick apart what I do.

I have always been the kid who dreamed of the ERTL new releases. I have always wanted the machinery that my dad had, and Ertl didn't produce. I am now the guy who does this stuff with the knowledge and tools of a middle aged man who thinks he is still a kid. I am the guy who builds things that kids(old and young) dream of.

I'm sure lots of you still do this. I am sure that you have, at one time wished for a toy that didn't exist.

I never stopped dreaming. I still do, and every day that my skill level improves, I dream a little harder.


Here's some stuff that I do... because my camera phone is so convienent, I figured I would take a few pics of what I was doing yesterday. I am doing anothe rcub right now, on the Ertl casting. I am scrubbing the underslung exhaust for a conventional hood exhaust, and I am improving the design in the cast hood. It is a shame they didn't make the exhaust out the hood on more than the limited edition. the bulkof cubs sold had a conventional exhaust. I'm sure we all can agree on that.

Also... I have isse with the scale of the tractor. some of the components are downright over-inflated. This is probably to allow for actual "kid play" that the "toys" succomb to. As a collector, I don't play with, yet, do discriminate as to the correctness.

Here's my latest, which is nothing new to me. I have done several in this style. I am working on a more correct hood, and for the earlier cubs.

Here are a few pictures of a more correct hood.

A more correct (and perfectly in 1/16 scale) muffler.


Now, before I get the muffler in paint, I have to drill out the hood, and while I am at it, I cut the cast air cleaner post off, and built another one of those, but to perfect scale. (note in picture, nothing is soldered, so the air cleaner is a bit short)


Once everything is aligned, I can begin to paint the final pieces, and after the hood is painted, I can permenantly attch the painted muffler. After paint, the muffler looks like this...


That's all I have at $0.25 per picture, that is all I care to send right now. I did get the alignment finished, and the air cleaner painted. My template slid during marking, so my holes are (in scale) 1 inch off. out of scale, that is .0625", or a sneeze away from accuracy.

When the tractor is finished, I will post more pictures if anyone is interested.

I am not alone is this obsession. Anyone interested in this area should visit and check out what other scale builders are doing. I am not alone!

I just figured I would share... I Am sure someone must be amused by this hobby!

1953!! Farmall F-Cub, bought "new" on this farm in July 1955, in service from 1955-76 and sat 'til '93 when I did a total mech. resto on it & a quick coat of Rust-Oleum "Safety Red" paint. A full metal and paint restoration will be done.

deputy jailer
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Postby deputy jailer » Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:22 am

YEs definately keep us posted with pics. Looks like you take more than pride in your work. It amazes me what some people do. :D :D

I also noticed I just reached my 3rd 501 post, good for me :D
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Bill E Bob
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Postby Bill E Bob » Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:25 am

Considering the scale and attention to detail, I would think that
modeling (scratch or modification) rivals working on the REAL
thing :applause: :worthy:

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