Choke Questions on Carter "N" Carb for Model 70

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Choke Questions on Carter "N" Carb for Model 70

Postby rcupka » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:04 pm

I have taken Eugene's advise and intend to repair my original and somewhat worn Carter N Carb. I was reading the Kohler Manual for the K series engine and I noticed that newer Carbs have holes in the Choke plate to prevent over choking. It even mentions drilling out the hole to a certain size if they are not a new larger diameter. My choke plate has no holes, but has a spring loaded plate that would appear to "suck" open in the event of over choking. Is that adequate? It would appear to be desirable versus two hole in the plate, but if the spring plates don't work I would want to address it now when the carb is apart.

On other issue: The manual mentions that there is choke detent ball that sits on a spring in a well and applies pressure to chokes so they don't move on their own (likely in a device that does not use a choke cable is manually moved by the lever on the side of the card. The carb has the spring, and the shaft has a detent, but I see no ball? There is a small grove on the shaft where it looks like the spring has dragged on the shaft.

It is possible that the previous owner may have left it out, or I may have not seen it when I pulled the shaft out and lost it. Is this detent necessary on an installation that has a choke cable to position the lever/plate? If so does anyone know the diameter of the ball, I can look for a ball bearing of that size to replace it.

Perhaps I am overthinking all of this, but I spent 32 1/2 years as an engineer at Ford Motor Co. and 8 years before that as an aircraft mechanic and I tend to focus on the details. I just retired in December and now have time to work on my projects and I want to do them correctly.

Thanks again in advance for your advice!

Dick Cupka
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Re: Choke Questions on Carter "N" Carb for Model 70

Postby Eugene » Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:49 pm

Have a Carter N and a Walbro carburetor that came off of Kohler engines. The hole diameter in the choke plate is 18/100" in both carburetors. The Carter N has both the hole and a spring loaded opening plate in the choke plate.

The ball will have to fit down the hole in the side of the carburetor throat. I don't know the ball diameter, perhaps hardware store.

I wouldn't worry about the ball and spring, and the stuck open spring loaded plate. The throttle cable will hold the choke plate open. Keep your eyes open. Old lawn and garden tractors come up at auction. You will always need spare parts.
rcupka wrote: I just retired in December and now have time to work on my projects.
It won't be long before you figure out how you ever had time to go to work. Congratulations on the retirement.
I have an excuse. CRS.

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