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IH Cub Cadet Resources!

Postby Rudi » Tue Dec 26, 2006 11:09 pm


What totally blows me away, and I guess what has become one of the unexpected legacy's of IH's foray into the Small Tractor business, is how Cub and Cub Lo-Boy Owners along with their cousins the Cub Cadet Owners have this penchant for Community and for sharing of their knowledge, abilities and their passion for these wonderful tractors. This sense of Community seems to be a common thread for those who admire IH's products.

We all know about the Cub Manual Server and depend on it for many of our needs fixing our Cubs. We all know that many, many members of our community have donated their manuals, brochures and other items of interest to the server, so that all of us may share them and gain knowledge and expertise from them. It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are so many generous and giving people out there. Same with the Tips and Techniques etc., and the Forums here at Farmall Cub.com. The sense of Community is strong.

I have been asked hundreds of times is there is a comparable resource on the Internet for other IH Letter Series Tractors and such. Unfortunately, at this point in time there is not. And it is regrettable. Hopefully someday, there will be the same kind of resource available.

However, when it comes to IH's Cub Cadets, we sometimes forget that there is a great resource availale on the "net" for those who are also in love with and collect/use IH's "Lawn and Garden" line of small tractors the ingenious Cub Cadet.

This resource shares much of the same type of community and commaraderie as we do, and the site is awesome in it's content of useful information and helpful, knowledgeable people.

The IH Cub Cadet Registry was an Almost One Stop Shop for almost anything Cub Cadet... it sure was amazing. Unfortunately, was is the operative word. The IH Registry site has crashed and it is terminal. It may not be recoverable. (latest information as of Oct. 13, 2010). It has since been replaced by the newer incarnation as the Cub Cadet Collectors dot com which is all that the old site was and more as they continue to upgrade and add.

There are many other sites on the net that offer information on Cub Cadets. And another great site is the IH Cub Cadet website. Great forums and such... pretty useful information.


If you need access to an Owner's Manual, Brochures, are just interested in seeing pics of the different variants of Cub Cadets or want to find a show or a club.. the information you may need, is available right there.

Let me add the same statement that is on the Cub Manual Server in regards to the Manuals and other Data that is available on the IH Cub Cadet Registry Server as well.

The manuals on this site are posted here for the enjoyment of the Cub family. You should visit Binder Books and purchase the specific Manuals that you need for your Cub Cadet. I would also recommend that each Cub Cadet Owner should have as a minimum, The Owner's Manual, a Parts Manual and the Service Manual relevant to their Cub Cadet. These can be purchased from Binder Books. The manuals on the site are not meant to replace purchasing repro manuals from Binder Books, but are meant more as a research resource for those who wish to learn more about their Cub Cadet and it's capabilities, availability of implements as well as how to fix them. It is also intended as an avenue to determine which manuals you need, negating having to buy a bunch of manuals that you do not want or need.

Cub Cadet FAQ's seems to be an interesting site and well worth investigating especially when it comes to the IH Cub Cadet Wiring Diagrams :!:

Cub Cadet Supply Room seems to have a lot of interesting stuff on Cub Cadets and is well worth the time to investigate this option further.

Cub Cadet Dealers such as Carter & Grunewald can supply parts for early IH Cub Cadets, CCC (Cub Cadet Corporation - the company formed when MTD originally bought out IH) and the later Cub Cadet's which have been folded into the Re-vamped MTD Corporation.

Also, as for their larger cousins the Cub, IH Cub Lo-Boy and the Numbered Series Cub Lo-Boys - 154, 185 and 184, eBay also is a useful place to find stuff.. but Caveat Emptor does apply as in all acquisitions..

Let me add this as well. There are other resources available on the web and each has their uses and their strengths. What is posted here is not the be all or end all for resources, but is a reminder of what is out there. Also, the primary focus of the Cub Cadets on the FarnallCub.com site is the IH produced Cub Cadets.

As I either remember or get more info, I shall add it to this infomercial... :roll: :lol:
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