Zerk fittings replacement

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Zerk fittings replacement

Postby ly134 » Wed Jan 26, 2005 6:59 pm

I have read that the narrow frame Cubs (Model 72) have drive in grease fittings on front axle.
How do you remove one for replacement. Are replacements available and what size are they. I have one broken off smooth and the other is clogged and just spins with vise grips.

Also is the large pin holding the front axle assembly removed by removing the roll pin and driving out rear to front.

Making progress on my Model 72. Never worked on a Cub before and everytime I take a part off I am amazed at how these machines are built.

I will probably be asking more trivial questions to you Cub experts but I am learning.

Paul B
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Postby Paul B » Thu Jan 27, 2005 9:12 am

Yes, the press in zerks are available from a Cub Cadet dealer, and I think they are 1/4"

The front axle may be a bear to remove. You are suppose to be able to do as you say and drive the spriol pin out, then drive the axle pin out , usually back to front. That will work if the front axle has a grease zerk in it (usually in the webarea of the casting) to allow that pin to be greased. The early model Cub Cadets did not have a zerk and the pin and axle would rust together. That would then break the spriol pin, and the axle pin/axle would then turn/pivot in the bushings of the crossmember. If that has happened, the only way to remove it is to cut the axle pin on both sides of the axle with a sawsall/reciprocating saw to remove the axle, and then drill the remaining pin out of the axle....or replace the axle with another. It is nearly, if not, impossible to press that remaining piece of the pin out of the axle, without damage. If it does come out you will probably have a heartattack when it "pops", and think you have been shot with a g-r-e-a-t b-i-g gun. :shock:

The axle may have been retrofitted with a zerk, so check all around the pin area for one, and hope it was used for its intended purpose. Make sure what ever axle to put back in the tractor has a zerk installed

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Postby wdeturck » Thu Jan 27, 2005 9:18 am

Those drive in fitting are still available but I don't know the size at auto parts stores. The broken one may come out with an Easy out, vice grips & BFH(hammer). try the hammer and vice grips on the other one. You may have to drill them out and then tap the holes for threaded ones. The grease fittings may not be the problem but old hard grease that needs to be removed from the spindles and new grease after cleaning.
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