Journey to my 53 Super A

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Journey to my 53 Super A

Postby mlukatchik » Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:27 pm

To start, I've wanted a tractor for a long time. Red (and green, too) would always remind me that fall is near as I would always look forward to seeing them at the county fairs in September. Every year I would browse the tractor displays at the fair and promise myself that I'd get one someday.

I started researching Farmalls. I picked up an electronic copy of "How to Restore Classic Farmall Tractors: The Ultimate Do-it-Yourself Guide to Rebuilding". I spent a lot of time reading the book, but a lot of the content was foreign to me as I never owned a tractor, nor did I have any experience working on them.

Inevitably the most appealing tractor to me was the Cub. I began looking around craigslist and other marketplace sites. I knew that I wanted to buy semi-local, and Northeast Pennsylvania has (what seems to be) a farily decent amount of Farmalls sitting around at old farms. My journey took me to Berwick, Bloomsburg, Elysburg, Lake Ariel, Waymart, and Wyalusing. I saw a lot of Cubs along the way: patched together Cubs, rusted Cubs, inoperable Cubs, sputtering Cubs that shut off, Cubs that blew smoke, Cubs that knocked, heavily repainted "parade-only" Cubs, and well-painted and shiny Cubs. There was a lot of variety. And believe it or not, people want a lot of money for their Cubs up this way.

While looking for the right Cub, I started to take interest in the A's and Super A's. The tractor was a little bit bigger, and thus appealed to me a little more. I figured why not start seeing what's around. Like my experience with the Cubs, there were a variety of A's and SA's. A lot of rusted and leaky tractors led me to broaden my search range and budget. I knew that I wanted to get a tractor that was in mechanically and cometically good condition. Over the months, I found 2 tractors that I made offers on. I was unforunately too late to the table and they were already sold. After browsing in the Chambersburg, PA area, I found a beauty of a Super A.

The Super A had a lot of work done to it. Word was that it originally came off of a farm in the Gettysburg area where it's been sitting for years. Everything was right: new wheels and tires, new wiring, new gauges, new lights, new hoses, the head was removed and professionally cleaned and checked, valves were re-seated and replaced, the rest of motor was checked and in great shape, new pressure plate, yoke, and linkage in clutch.
New International Red paint and decals, new muffler, new fuel bowl and fuel line, carb refreshed, all new fluids, everything flushed, new battery, new battery box, and a new starter. I committed to buying it without even driving down to see it first!

Currently, I don't have any implements. My long-term plan is to get a front snow blade. In the meantime, I am looking for as much info as possible on my new Super A.

And for what it's worth - part of me still wants a Cub -- someday, it'll happen.


Bob McCarty
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Re: Journey to my 53 Super A

Postby Bob McCarty » Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:50 pm

Tractors are like horses, they don't like to be alone. :D
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Dale Finch
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Re: Journey to my 53 Super A

Postby Dale Finch » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:22 pm

Welcome!! Good story. I think you will love the SA, but adding a '55/'56 Cub would make a nice pair! Same grill...a nice baby brother (or sister)!

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Dale Finch
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Re: Journey to my 53 Super A

Postby Stanton » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:31 am

Welcome! Sorry I missed your first post, but have enjoyed reading this one.

Take some time and read through a few threads to acquaint yourself with the Forum:

Now that you have 2 posts, you can access all the free PDF downloads in the Manuals section. They are located via "Quick Links" in the upper left corner of your screen. Hit that and a pull-down appears where you'll find "PDF Manuals". Through that link, you'll be able to download several manuals for your Super A. Take a look.

Glad you joined us.
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Re: Journey to my 53 Super A

Postby cjet69 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:29 pm

Congrats on the Super A. We really like our 1941 A.

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Re: Journey to my 53 Super A

Postby poppatello » Wed May 06, 2020 6:50 pm

Another cool story. Even cooler the OP is local to me. I am currently looking @ a cub cadet in that same area of Pa. Again with me I find that they are asking a premium. But that is everything in the Mid-Atlantic area. I find the more you go west the cheaper things will be. However, it's not really practical to go tractor hunting with a car trailer. Never know if it's big enough to bring the beast home. I am also thinking I may want a bigger then original thought size tractor. Something that has proven true to me size I bought my first motorcycle. It may seem big enough now but once your used to it your'll want bigger sooner then you think. So I tried to use this thought process in everything I buy. Look @ what I want then go the next size up. Seems to work out for me...

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