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Postby Russ Leggitt » Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:59 pm

The Making of a Cubaholic
by Russ Leggitt

I got a call from a lawyer one day just to say, Your great uncle has passed away And he being your benefactor Has left you his Farmall Tractor.

Of course I was saddened to hear Of the passing of one so dear Who took me fishing and hunting and the like He who showed me how to make and fly a kite. Both day and night I wrestled with all my might Trying to recall All about the Farmall.

As we said our goodbyes and laid him to rest Many friends came by and wished me their best Then it suddenly came to me It was his Farmall Cub he had left you see. Before I went to gather my treasure Deep in thought I often found pleasure In remembering back to the day that I wore a younger man's hat. I sat so proud on that little red CUB seat When the pedals were far from my feet And over the steering wheel I could not see What was coming down the road at me.

Like a child waiting on Christmas eve to Santa's face I planned how to get the Cub back to my place The day finally arrived without event And off to get the Cub we went. We finally arrived and there it sat In the back of the old barn, tires all flat The paint long gone, Rusty and sitting there all alone. We aired up the tires just to get it to roll Onto the trailer for the long stroll All along the way we got many a stare And I thought we would never get there.

In my shop for years it sat neglected and alone Until one day I say a neighbor mowing his lawn With a little red CUB all shiny as new Then I thought, I know what I'll do. So to work I went with hammer and wrench I sanded and pounded on my workbench With hands all grimy and greasy I found restoring a CUB is not so easy. To a friend I happened to mention That my CUB needed a little attention He told me about this website "" Full of friendly people who gave advice just like mom. So to the computer I flew To seek advice on what to do To get the CUB going Found it I did and before I knew it she was roaring. Now days as I travel about doing my daily task It is CUBs I look for and ask, Where is one for sale or trade? Or where a good deal could be made.

It's off to the tractor show Now days that we often go Just to see those little red machines All painted up and so clean. My CUB now gives me so much joy I spend all my spare time playing with my toy Over the hills and down the lane we frolic Could it be that I have become a "Cubaholic"?

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