Cub Cadet 102 (project?)

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Marion(57 Loboy)
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Cub Cadet 102 (project?)

Postby Marion(57 Loboy) » Fri May 16, 2003 10:43 pm

My neighbor wants to make some more space in his barn and invited me over to see if I'd like to buy an old Cub Cadet 102 he's got. ( Like I need another project! I am still working the bugs out of my recently acquired Loboy and I'm thinking about this???) He says he's seen me having WAY too much fun on my old Loboy. Anyhow, it has a newer 12hp engine, electric rear 3pt hitch(do not know if it works), a deck that probably needs replaced, and a blade for the rear. Rubber at all 4 corners doesn't look too hot. No battery-seat is toast-hasn't run in years. Looks like it's worth the $$$ and elbow grease. What would it be worth? I don't want to pay a bunch but don't want to insult him either. I have no idea what they are worth or how rare anything it's got on it is.

Also, I guess I'll need to know how much work this thing will do since that's the only reason I'd get it.--No trailer queens at my place!

I have some dumb questions too! LIKE:

Does it have a pto?
Can I get a 3pt plow for it?
If I get AG tires will it get enough traction to pull the plow?
What is the w-i-d-e-s-t mowing deck I can put under it?

I think that's enough for now! Any help is much appreciated-Marion(57 Loboy)

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Tedd Ill
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Postby Tedd Ill » Sat May 17, 2003 7:43 am

First, a 102 shoud have a 10 horse engine, but 12 is good. The Kohler K sieres engines are great wotk horses. Easy to rebuild.

You can put a rear PTO in them, but it is pretty much useless. It turns the wrong way and at the wrong RPM. There is a front PTO for the mow deck, snow blower, sweepster, generator, and a rear mount rototiller. Plus anything else you might want to drive with it.

Cat. 0 3point plows and other attachments are available for Cubs. But I do not think that a Cat 0 3 point is available for a 102. It will have a "Sleeve" hitch. A 8, 10, 12" moldboard, sleeve hitch plow is available new or used.

Ag tires are available for the Cubs and you can get enough traction with wheel weights and fluid balst (Usually windshild washer fluid).

I think the widest deck you can get under there and still mow would be a 44" deck. (I will have to look into that.)

This link will take you the the "Plow day" section of the Cub Cadet sight. You will see a lot of Cubs at the John Deere event. :shock:

Oh and the electric lift is a personal opinion thing. It is slow but works. Most guys look for a hydo lift to replace it.
Had a '57 Lo-boy, and loved it!! Will have another...
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