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Re: Update on new 1948 cub

Postby Glen » Wed Apr 06, 2022 6:55 pm

1948cubnovice wrote:when to move the cub clutch is not releasing any to adjust the clutch thanks for any help y'all can give

Here are things you can check for the clutch.

The clutch could be releasing normally, but the clutch disc could be stuck to the flywheel from sitting.
I would look in the hand hole, under the clutch, using a good light, and have someone push the clutch pedal down a few times, and see if things are moving right.
If the 3 pressure plate fingers are being pushed down, see if the disc is free or stuck to the flywheel.
If you can see the pressure plate is releasing, while the pedal is held down, use a long screwdriver, and pry some on the disc, and see if it moves away from the flywheel.
You may need to turn the engine some, so you can pry in another position, around the disc.

You can also check the clutch pedal free play adjustment.
It should have either 1" or 1 3/16" of free play, at the top of it's travel, measured at the surface where you put your foot.

There are 2 styles of clutch pedal free play adjustments. The 1 3/16" is for the first style adjustment, and the 1" is for the 2nd style.
IH changed the adjustment parts during 1948, you didn't say the serial number of the Cub.

The 1st was an internal adjustment. It was used up to Cub serial number 32228. Which was 1947, and part of 1948. It has no bolt at the clutch pedal base. You have to turn the yoke on the rod, inside the clutch housing.

The 2nd was the external adjustment. It was used from 32229 and above. It has a bolt at the clutch pedal base.

Below is a page from the 1947 Cub owner's manual showing the 1st style adjustment.
The lower pic on the page shows all the parts.

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... age-40.jpg

This page is from the 1955 Cub operator's manual, and it shows the 2nd style.

http://farmallcub.com/rudi_cub/www.clea ... age-45.jpg

There are supposed to be return springs under the platform, to pull the 3 pedals up against the edge of the platform.
Each pedal has a return spring.
If the spring is gone from the clutch pedal, it would always go forward, and the throwout bearing would rub on the pressure plate fingers.
TM Tractor has new return springs.
I would paint them before putting them on, so they don't rust.

The pressure plate fingers might be set too low, and need adjusting.
The clutch won't release if the fingers are set too low.

The throwout bearing can only move ahead a certain amount to release the clutch, before the sides of the throwout bearing holder hit the metal of the turning pressure plate. That makes a grinding sound.
It is rare that they hit, but it can happen.
If it does, don't push the pedal far enough ahead that the sound happens.
The fingers are probably too low, or the free play is adjusted wrong, if the holder hits the pressure plate.

Below is a post from the How To forum about adjusting the finger height.
You would need to make the tool shown in the post.


Oil the clutch pedal base, so the pedal works freely. The pedal can get tight from no lube.
There is a 1 1/2" or 2" distance to work the oil into the base.
Usually if the pedal is free, you can pull it out of the housing about 1/4", that helps expose where to work oil into.
Push it in again when done oiling it. :)

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