Spotlight on Bob (Stupidcub) Knutson

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Spotlight on Bob (Stupidcub) Knutson

Postby Cecil » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:44 pm

Name?Bob Knutson
State/Province of residence?<Minnesota
Marital Status?Married
-- How many years (if married)?24 years
-- Wife's name (if married)?Debra
-- Boys/Girls?3 boys
-- Ages?30,22,19
Grand Children?
-- Boys/Girls?
-- Ages?
Great Grand Children?
-- Boys/Girls?
-- Ages?
Do you have any pets?no
-- Names, breeds, etc.
Line of work?Advertising/Creative Director
Retired or working? Working
Degree's/Licenses/Certificates? Associate of Arts degree

Tractors and models owned?48 Farmall Cub
-- Any other type of farm equipment? Little Wonder plow, Cutipacker, hay wagon
-- Combines?
-- Trailers?14 ft 5200 lb. single axel Cub Hauler
-- Hay balers?
-- etc...
Are your tractors used for show or working? work
How much Land do you work (Acres)? 80 acres of hunting land, work approx 4 acres of food plots.
What was your first tractor experience (does not have to be a Farmall or Cub)?Riding on my Grandfathers John Deere
What is your Cub's primary work? Trail mowing, plowing cultipacking foodplots for deer and turkeys
What is the favorite Cub of all which you have owned and why?The only one I have a 1948 Farmall Cub. It is special because my brother and I spent 4 months bringing it back from the dead.
What first sparked your interest in owning a Cub?Brother owns a Farmall 400. He saw this 1948 Cub in a field and thought I needed it for my hunting land. He is the mechanic and I am his assistant. Learned quite a bit about rebuilding the Cub from him.
What task/use of your Cub provides the most enjoyable seat time? Trail mowing out on my 80. I could ride all day.
Favorite thing you like about Cub's and Cadets? Love to give hay wagon rides to people that visit.
Describe your most satisfying or frustrating experience working on your own or someone else's Cub? Feeling of accomplishment when you do work with your hands. I spend most days at work and in meetings working on ad campaigns. A nice release from work stress.
Do you host or participate in CubFests, Cubarama, Mini-CubFests? Not Yet!
How so?

What other hobbies do you enjoy?
Do you hunt or fish?Bow/rifle hunt for deer, hunt grouse, and turkeys.
I also build rustic furniture.
-- What is your favorite game? All types of lawn games.
What is your favorite Sport?
-- Do you have a favorite Sports team?
Favorite Book? any by Vince Flynn
Favorite Movie?
Favorite Actor/Actress?
Magazine(s) you subscribe to?Quality Whitetails.
Favorite outdoor activity? Hunting, spending time at the hunting land with family and friends.
Do you maintain a garden?
-- How large?
-- What vegetables to you grow?
Do you maintain a personal orchard?
-- Type of fruit grown?
What is your favorite Quote or saying?
Do you have any immediate goals in your life? A bit anxious to see what life brings next.
I have been in advertising for the past 30 years. 28 of which my wife and I have owned our own agency.
She is presently in seminary and has 2 years left before she is ordained. She truly has a call from God.
She has always been behind me in anything I have wanted to pursue. It is certainly time for me to return the favor.
God has plans for her and I. It will be exciting to find out what it is.

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Re: Spotlight on Bob (Stupidcub) Knutson

Postby sdurnal » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:13 am

Great to meet you, Bob! Thanks for the Bio.

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Re: Spotlight on Bob (Stupidcub) Knutson

Postby Bill Hudson » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:31 am


Thanks for the excellent bio. God speed as you and Debra follow His call.


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