Spotlight on Ray (Smokeycub) Boone

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Spotlight on Ray (Smokeycub) Boone

Postby Cecil » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:11 pm

Name? Ray Boone
Age? 61
State/Province of residence? Ohio
Marital Status? Widower
-- How many years (if married)?
-- Wife's name (if married)?
Children? 3
-- Boys/Girls? Laura, Amy, Joe
-- Ages? 35, 25, 23
Grand Children? Yes
-- Boys/Girls? All girls, Jamie, Jasmin, and Abbie
-- Ages? 10, 7, 1
Great Grand Children? Nope
-- Boys/Girls?
-- Ages?
Do you have any pets? One stinky dog, Gypsy
-- Names, breeds, etc. Australian Shepard
Line of work? Building supply distribution, operations manager.
Retired or working? Retired 5 years
Degree's/Licenses/Certificates? Yep

Tractors and models owned? Farmall F-Cub, 104 Cub Cadet, John Deere 450C track loader, 7100 Kubota .
-- Any other type of farm equipment? Not reaelly farm equipment, dirt screen/shaker conveyor system.
-- Combines? Nope
-- Trailers? Yep
-- Hay balers? Nope
-- etc... I have a great deal of etc. 152 plow, grading blade, cultivators, drag harrow, discs, flat belt drive, Woods 59 mower, GMC K30 flat bed/plow truck, Chevy K30 utility dump truck, F900 Ford dump truck...

Are your tractors used for show or working? Working
How much Land do you work (Acres)? I mow around 6 acres of grass, keep a 1/4 acre vegetable garden, and 5 fruit trees.
What was your first tractor experience (does not have to be a Farmall or Cub)? My uncle teaching me to drive an old H when I was about 8.

What is your Cub's primary work? Mowing
What is the favorite Cub of all which you have owned and why? I have just the one.
What first sparked your interest in owning a Cub? My childhood experiences on my uncles dairy farm.
What task/use of your Cub provides the most enjoyable seat time? Probably plowing and cultivating, if I had a planter I would enjoy that too. Mowing gets pretty old after a while but I do enjoy it.

Favorite thing you like about Cub's and Cadets? Their basic simplicity, everything is engineered so well they seldom have problems, all the attachments work really well, that doesn't happen by accident, and obviously they last forever. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Describe your most satisfying or frustrating experience working on your own or someone else's Cub? Ironically it's the same incident. I've never really had a problem untill I overhauled the engine on the Cub. After I got it back together it didn't want to start. So after fussing with it for a few days I figured it out, changed the plugs and fresh fuel did the trick. So simple yet very gratifying!

Do you host or participate in CubFests, Cubarama, Mini-CubFests? How so? Haven't yet. I might go to Barnyards this year.

What other hobbies do you enjoy? I'm into metal and steel fabricating. I really enjoy building and repairing things made with steel. If I do say so myself I've made some pretty nice stuff. Conversly I enjoy sailing, I've been on and around sailboats my whole life, a very relaxing way to spend a day or two.

Do you hunt or fish? I don't have the patients for fishing, ironic isn't it?. I don't hunt except for groundhogs and varmits, I don't like the idea of getting shot by some novice hunter during deer or rabbit season! I do enjoy shooting, I even load my own ammo.

-- What is your favorite game? I used to play cards alot, many different games, bridge, conasta, rummy, pinochle, hearts, spades, ... and poker with the guys. Not at all anymore.

What is your favorite Sport? I really enjoy watching high school and college basketball in person. I used to play high school ball and I really, REALLY get into the game, almost scary! Probably shouldn't admit it but I like to play golf, or should I say play at it, I'm not very good.

-- Do you have a favorite Sports team? Nope.
Favorite Book? Anything by Michner, I enjoyed Hawaii and Alaska very much.

Favorite Movie? I like action/intrigue movies, no particular favorites
Favorite Actor/Actress? Nicholas Cage
Magazine(s) you subscribe to? Rock and Quarry, Super Chevy, CarCraft, and The Furrow (a Deere publication).
Favorite outdoor activity? There are many, just being outdoors in the Spring is great.
Do you maintain a garden? Yes
-- How large? About a quarter acre.
-- What vegetables to you grow? Sweet corn (Butter Sugar and Silver Queen), string beans, tomatoes, squash, strawberrys, onions, radishes, and more.

Do you maintain a personal orchard? Yes
-- Type of fruit grown? Apples (Golden Delicious and Johnathon), Bartlet Pears, peaches, plums, and blueberries.
What is your favorite Quote or saying? What goes around comes around.
Do you have any immediate goals in your life? To see more of my sister and her family, they live half a world away.

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