poor mans filler flange straightening tool

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poor mans filler flange straightening tool

Postby brewzalot » Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:09 pm

My gas tank filler flange wasn't terrible but did need some straightening. I came up with this idea to tweak it, very similar to the expensive IH tool. But can be made by anyone with a welder and some scrap steel. The only trick is getting the right radius on the 2 welded on tabs, I used a pc. of 1/8" wall pipe that was very close to the size and hammered them to shape before welding. You do have to move it around the rim a few times to get it all. This worked out pretty good and didn't cost much.

DSCF6671 (640x478).jpg
Just a 2 pc. assembly with a 6"long pc. of 3/8 threaded rod and 2 nuts trapping the plate

DSCF6666 (640x412).jpg
Tip jig into tank

DSCF6669 (640x478).jpg
Move up into position and pull-hold upward

DSCF6668 (640x478).jpg
Put on top plate, washer, and spin a 3rd nut down snug. Tighten with wrench until it stops- loosen, reposition, and repeat.

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