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Rusty Hint

Postby LARRY BALL » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:28 pm

:tractor: Thought I would drop a Restoration Hint on Rust Removal. I'm working on a Resto-Cub for a friend. As usual Rust raises is ugly head. in removing the Headlight during disassemble. I found rust inside the headlight shell. I found on the internet to use vinegar soak to loosen rust. I went to the Dollar store and purchased several Gallons. Put 1 gallon is a plastic bucket submersing the disassembled headlight. Let the submerged parts soak 48hrs. Took the parts out and washed in hot water it removed all the rust from the inner shell, some of the paint and removed the rust from the mounting stud and headlight ring. I did scrub all parts with a Brillo Pad and Comet. It worked well for me. Not saying it would work on extreme heavy rust. But worth the try !

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