Rust Spots on Hood

Thu Apr 22, 2004 9:46 pm

After stripping the hood/tank of my 51 Cub (oven cleaner and pressure wash) I notice there are lots of rust spots, from pea to quarter size. While they're not really deep, their surface is pretty rough and I'm sure they'll project through the primer and finish if I don't handle them properly. Do I grind them first to smooth the roughness? Do I skim coat over them with body filler? Or glazing putty? I saw someone mention polyester filler spray. Or will the primer, after several coats with sanding inbetween, take care of levelling the rust spots? And recommended procedures would sure be welcome! Thanks

Thu Apr 22, 2004 9:59 pm

Paul, I'd recomend a light sand-blasting to remove the rust and then work with the high-build primer.

Thu Apr 22, 2004 10:16 pm

For small rust areas I use a Cup-Wire-Wheel in my hand held angle grinder and it does a good job cleaning it down to clean shine`y metal.