Cub 54 Blade

Mon Jun 21, 2004 8:40 pm

Well, finally got one :!: :D And this one has a history to it which makes it even more of a prize 8)

My father-in-law's godfather's blade finally came home to family over 40 years after it was sold. He had a 52 Cub bought new in 53. Used it for a couple of years, but he had a heart attack and his wife and kids wouldn't let him play tractor anymore, so they sold it.

Now it is back home!

Needs a good bath in the zapper tank. Now that Gord has his back, it is time for me to make one. Hopefully by the weekend and then the blade is going to start getting it's bath time! Maybe, if my son gives me a hand, this will be restored in time for winter :!: Be nice to try that pushing snow.... oh it has the snow extension as well as the cutting edge and the original skids!

Will take some pics and post them in the next day or two...