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This may seem to be very elementary to the Cub Cadet experts here, but some Cub Cadet restorers might be surprised to know that IH INCLUDED the headlight wire IN THE WIRING HARNESS and a HOT WIRE from the IGNITION SWITCH for the HEADLIGHT SWITCH on the older Cub Cadet models.

  1. At the FRONT of the harness (near where the right front headlight will be mounted) you'll find a spare wire that is taped to the harness, with a horseshoe clip fastened at the end. THIS MOUNTS TO THE RIGHT HEADLIGHT OUTSIDE SCREW CONNECTION.
  2. Run a bridge wire from the OUTSIDE RIGHT SCREW CONNECTOR to the left headlight OUTSIDE SCREW CONNECTOR (This suplies POWER to BOTH headlights from the wire harness wire.
  3. Run another bridge wire from BOTH headlight INSIDE SCREW CONNECTORS, and GROUND THIS WIRE to the BOTTOM regulator mounting bolt. MAKE SURE ALL CONNECTIONS ARE CLEAN fora GOD CONNECTION and a GOOD ground.
  4. Remove the dashboard from your Cub Cadet, and locate the end of the wire harness. Taped to the end, you'll find the end of the headlight wire with a BLACK FEMALE push connector on it. Connect a MALE push connector to this wire and attach the other end (using a CIRCLE wire connector) to one of the screw terminals of the HEADLIGHT SWITCH (NOTE: You don't need to drill a hole for mountaing the headlight switch, as IH supplied a PRE-DRILLED hole in the TOWER on the LEFT side).
  5. Locate the wires coming from the IGNITION KEY SWITCH. You'll find a wire taped to it with a RED CIRCLE CONNECTOR. This attaches to the OTHER SCREW TERMINAL on your Headlight Switch suppling POWER to the switch ONLY WHEN YOUR IGITION SWITCH IS TURNED ON...OR the engine is running.
  6. If you have a TAIL a wire FROM THE TAIL LIGHT to the SAME SIDE OF THE HEADLIGHT SWITCH that your HEADLIGHT wire is connected to. THIS WILL GIVE YOU HEADLIGHTS & TAIL LIGHT when the headlight switch is PULLED ON.
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