Deals going sour

Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:54 am

I went to look at some cadet stuff. I found a non running 129, parts from another hydro missing an engine along with two mowers a 44c and a 48" plus a snowblower, tiller and a few odds and ends. It could of been my first hydro but the guy wanted $800. I offered him $500 for the lot. He refused and then i went up to $600 i guess i lost my mind but considering the lot i could make my $$ back and part some of the stuff out. He refused and said its worth more if he sold the parts. So i said goodbye. Now its two months later and he will take $600. I said i'm not interested in it anymore. I know i was being played and they were waiting for me to offer more $$$ for the pile of non running scrap metal. I think i was very fair in my offer and maybe i went a little too high after all this stuff isn't gold. Now i deceided to stop buying cub cadets and maybe go after the larger farmall tractors next. I got my eye on a regular..... 8)

What was I thinking $600. I haggled way too high and started off too high i blew the deal. When i make a final offer and its refused i walk and the deal is over. I found out about this stuff threw a friend and if a friend wasn't involved when the guy said he'd take $600 I would of offered him $300 for the lot then walk. I knew they were playing the waiting game but i lost interest.

My point is they think the non running stuff is gold now too. The highest I ever paid for a cub cadet running is $400 for a 122 with a 42'' mower but it has a new replacement 12hp kolher engine in it. I been running awesome for over 4 years now. I picked up a 48'' deck for it that needed the castiron nose welded for $50. I welded the castiron, no problem.

Re: Deals going sour

Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:07 am

I'd offer him $300. If he says "You offered $600 before' I'd say "You were at $800 before too".

The waiting game can go both ways.

Re: Deals going sour

Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:49 pm

When ever i haggle a price i have cash in my pocket and i'm ready to load the trailer and turn and burn. But he thought i would pay more but i lost interest now. I have no time to play a waiting game because there are other deals waiting for me.
Plus i need to get away from these smaller tractors and get on to the bigger ones. I maybe going green soon nope its not a JD shame on me right? It an oliver.......if the price is right.