Set new rings for a 108, some advice please!

Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:12 am

My Cub Cadet 108 fitted with a Kohler K241 engine is needing a set of rings. The engine is breathing oil smoke from the oil breather and it uses a bit of oil. As far as I know the engine has never been open before. As there are no other problems do you think that I could just fit a new set of rings to the engine. Or do I need do more? The engine starts easily and runs with good power so I am presuming that a worn or broken oil ring may be the problem.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Denis.

Re: Set new rings for a 108, some advice please!

Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:47 am

You won't know until the engine is partially disassembled and the cylinder bore, piston, crankshaft rod journal, measured. Valves and valve seats inspected.

Normally, if everything is in good shape, you only need to hone the cylinder walls, new rings and touch up (lap) the valves and valve seats.

What you might do is add SeaFoam to the engine oil and gasoline. Thinking you might have stuck piston rings. Which is probably not the case but an inexpensive try. ((SeaFoam or similiar product from your auto parts store designed to free up stuck piston rings.))

Re: Set new rings for a 108, some advice please!

Tue May 08, 2012 2:13 pm

My first cc108 does the samething she has some blowby. The seafoam did cut down on the blowby but i notice the exhaust is a tad loud too. I'm thinking she maybe running a tad hot do to the timing being off and the valves need adjustment too. I pulled the head and the cylinder looks great with no ridge at the top at all. The head gasket was blown. I may check it out soon.

You need to lap the valves if there ok and the seats are good. Then hone the bore if the bore is ok with no score marks. I notice when the po's run these machines with bad air cleaners dirt can get into the cylinders and score them. I picked up a 12hp short block with one score mark.