info for pullers

Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:26 pm

I had a built to the hilt one ton Chevy dual wheel 4x4 firewood hauler. The 400TH auto tranny was also built.
The 350 engine was pushing 400hp. We
Always argued which tranny was better. The 400TH with the 2200 rpm stall torque converter or a 4 speed with the granny gear. I changed the truck over to a 4 speed. I lost the gobs of bottom end torque it had over the standard tranny.

Note, with my 4x4 trucks in the past I never felt the difference when I put on headers with standard trannies.
The difference in power showed up in the auto trannies.

My thoughts are this could relate to cadets when pulling. The hydro tranny just maybe the way to go?