Jumps out of gear....still

Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:51 am

I am still having problems with my 154 jumping out of gear when on siding ground. I started breaking out my garden spot yesterday and when the tractor is in the furrow the transmission pops out. I have been running in low 2 and the unit pulls fine other than the wheel slip that comes with a large turf tire. I know from past experiance that a loose transmission can cause this but all the bolts are tight. It should be noted that I never had any trouble till I bought a creeper unit and installed it a couple of years ago. Now I have problems with the tranny and creeper jumping out. Are there any shims or spacers that can remedy this. I think the common denominator is the frame twisting. I know that I will have to tear it down again but somthing is going to break or grind down I I don't do somthing. GT

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:13 pm

I would suspect a worn or damaged shifting mechanism and gear/shaft wear.

Borrowed from Heitner: "Auto Mechanics". Note, this check list is for column shift vehicles.
1) Improper alignment of transmission and engine.
2) To much clearance between teeth in mesh.
3) Worn gears and or bearings and or bearing retainers.
4) Weak or broken shifter lock springs.
5) Insufficient mesh of gears.
6) Remote control shifting mechanism out of adjustment.

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:45 am

Does the transmission or creeper kick out of gear?? I would check the creeper gear shift fork/collar. The fork can get bent and cause this.

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:33 pm

gene and ken. I agree with both assesments. The creeper does jump out of gear. Now here is more of the story. The creeper was in bad bad shape when I bought it via the "other" site. When I recieved it the shift fork was all but gone. I had a machine shop make me a new one and spent several hours with a dremel tool and a file and made it fit reasonably well. I will postulate this. The creeper jumps out of gear in high range but the transmission jumps out in low range in all gears but reverse. Does anyone know where a creeper shift fork, preferably NOS, might be found? I did not have this site as a resource when I put this thing together a couple of years ago. My goal was to have a 154 with all the options. I have aquired a creeper drive, dual brakes, and a three point, which was OEM on this tractor. I have the old gal completely restored and it looks good. But I am a little scared of it. I have spent too much money to quit now. I would like to have the nessecary parts to make it one hundred percent. I just like the little tractor. it is as handy as a shirt pocket and I want to "use" it. By the By horsepower is not a problem on my farm. I have 5 tractors ranging from 140 HP 4440 down to the low boy. I have semi retired from dirt farming and just run cattle now but still have some equipment around. Most of it due to sentimental value.I neeeeed to get this done so that i can start restoring the 1936 John Deere A that belonged to grandpa. Any help would be greatly appreiciated GT Sure wish that I new this before I painted it.

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:57 am

I think your fabricated fork is out of sync with the spring loaded poppet detent that holds the fork in place. Your going to have to look at the fork when its fully engaged so the poppet detent is in place holding it locked in gear. Without this detent in place the fork can easily slip out of gear with nothing holding it in place the fork is floating until it sees the load applied then it pops out of gear. I think the int154's are awesome tractors too. I enjoy mowing my two acres and wish i had more land to mow. Once you get this baby in the groove mowing you don't want to stop.

For a pic; www.partstree.com/parts/ Click on "cub cadet" then write in cub "154 lo-boy tractor" below were it says cubcadet. Then look for the "reduction housing" on the parts list. Its number #23, #24, #22 & #25 in the poppit setup. This locs the fork inplace.

BTW; Someday i'd like to have all the options on one of my int154's too. One my first int154 i'm only missing the creeper tranny and it already has the 3pt hitch on the rear with the selector valve. I'm starting to think the 3pt's are rare on the 154's because most of them i see for sale don't have it. I have seen some 3pt hitches on ebay for $500+ but there's not many of them.

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Wed Jan 21, 2009 8:47 pm

Ok Bill. I can see that. I was very careful on assembly but I will split that rascal and look at it......again. I am getting good at splitting a 154. I have done it so much with this tractor I think that I will make a regular splitting stand with wheels and all. I am about to decide that the detent balls in the tranny are haywire too. why else would it pop out of gear. Call the crew! warm up the vent and open up the supply room. Looks like I will have to open the patient again. DAMN :cry: :cry:

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:51 am

If you look at the old fork for the gear reduction there will be a detent in it were the ball from the poppet locks into it to hold it in place. Now there has to be a double "detent" inline when the fork shifts to hold it in hi or low on the bottom of the shifter fork. The old fork should show this. With out seeing them i'm going to say the detents on the fork should be 3/4" to 1" apart.(guessing) It depends on the fork movement and the gear engagement. These poppet balls/springs can get gummed up for sure in the tranny's and in the reductions.

Remember its a learning thing too we learn something new everyday.......go slow and do it right and post what you find maybe pics too?

I just got my second int154 and i found a few more, dam i want to buy them all.

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:48 pm

Ok. The old fork is gone I never got it back. Pretty much the only thing that was left is the hub that pins on the rod. the rod is original and I wonder if it is worn a bit. perhaps I could jig it up and drill out the cups a little. As far as the ball and spring goes I have replaced it already. See I had too. I lost the original during the rebuild. I am a bad man and should be sent home for the rest of the day. I am going to pull it all apart as soon as I can get some shop floor space. That is the problem with a "working ranch" nothing "works". T :roll: :roll: here is always junk to fix. Right now there is a 20' x 5" auger waiting for a repair to the running gear and I am running out of winter!! :sunning:

Re: Jumps out of gear....still

Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:16 pm

I know the feeling my projects are pilling up as we speak and i only fix whats broke down right now that i need you know the important stuff...... At the sametime i have my new int154 to start working on and see if she is alive before I strip it to build the subframe for the FEL & Backhoe. I can work a little outside if its above 30 degrees but the colder temps are keweping me inside.