My 154 charging system #3 154

Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:59 pm

I been running my #3 int154 for most of the summer and into the fall/winter now. I noticed the more i run it the less the amp guage would go to the charge side. This went on for 6 months now. But it always started up right away on the first turn over. So rather than check it out i figured i'd leave it alone as long as its running ok. now that the colder weather is here today we started it up to put the rear tire chains on and she is charging on the + side of the amp guage now. As it ran the amp needle came down lower on the charge side as the battery was charged more and more. I know from many years ago the old charging systems were good it we kept the engines tuned up so they started quickly. I guess I have a good charging system in #3 154. If its not broke don't fix it. Bill

BTW; We have the rear tire chains on, the rear wheel weights are on, she is all charged up and the gas tank is filled now where's the snow? We even put the tire chains on the 70 cub cadet too. I'm ready..... :{_}:

Re: My 154 charging system #3 154

Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:10 pm

I am glad that you are all charged up, chained up and gassed up; ready for snow. Now if we don't get any - Yeah !!! - we can Thank You !!!

Re: My 154 charging system #3 154

Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:32 pm

Maybe i can scare the snow away???? But they did predict i colder winter than normal for us in the northeast. The colder part of it is happening already. We go from being tired of cutting grass, to mulching leaves to feeding the blackhole in the wood stove to keep warm. Within a few months (4) we'll be cutting grass again its the cycle of me being retired now. Everyday is like the movie groundhog day its the same over and over but the tasks to be done change. Let it snow on christmas eve and christmas day so it will make christmas feel like christmas then it can stop.

But i would like that one blizzard like 12" of snow per hour..... :{_}:

But on the other hand the more the snow stays away i can put the snowthrower on my 1200 or my 108 cadet too. Then i can play in the big white frozen sand box with a few different toys.