Make him change?

Poll ended at Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:58 pm

Total votes : 6

What do we do with "Lurker" Carl?

Fri Apr 25, 2003 8:58 pm

With 60 posts, "Lurker" Carl is currently in a 3 way tie for 16th most prolific poster to this site. This puts him well within the top 5% of the 375 people that have joined.

Should we make him change that "lurker" name?

Fri Apr 25, 2003 9:29 pm

Naw, that's part of his "mystique"

Sun Apr 27, 2003 10:22 pm

Even though Carl has now moved up to 14th place, in a close vote under a flood of apathy, he gets to contunue being a "lurker!"

Mon Apr 28, 2003 6:43 am

You have to admit that Lurker ain't no shirker :) .

Mon Apr 28, 2003 7:12 am

We're gonna have to start calling him "Poster Boy" :)

Sat Jun 14, 2003 9:53 pm

I had no idea that li'l ole me would be the subject of a poll. Even if it took me almost 2 months to realize it. Thank goodness for the flood of apathy.

I am still a lurker but will step out of the cyber-shadows, every now and then, to comment on the continuous mayhem posted to the forum.