Motion Lights Inside

Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:47 pm

This isn't earth shattering but some might find it useful. My daughter Ashlynn, got her drivers license this last September. With the barn filled up with my junk, my wife’s and my vehicles in our attached 2 car garage, Ashlynn needed a place to park her car out of the weather.

I cleaned out one stall of one of our out buildings to allow her to park inside. There is no automatic garage door opener so she would have to open the overhead door the old fashion way. :lol: To make life easier and maybe safer, I removed a light fixture in that stall and installed a motion detection light. When she opens the door the light comes on and after she closes it, the light goes out.

The duration of time the light stays on can be adjusted from just a couple of minutes to 15 minutes or so. She is not parking in there now but that light is kind of handy. I like it. Should someone, with bad intentions decide to break in during the night sometime, they will be surprised when the light comes on. I've even seen alarms that screw into a standard light socket so that might make for a cheap alarm system.

Anyway, I thought someone might benefit from this. It would be handy is a backyard shed and maybe other places.


Re: Motion Lights Inside

Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:23 pm

When we built our house I poured a floor for garage but did not build it till later. I had a motion sensor light over the kitchen door, and when we built garage I left the sensor there and wired it to the inside lights of the garage. I liked that so well that when I built my shed I wired to lights inside it that come on when you enter the shed from any of the doors. I also have a bug light on a timer in both locations that runs 2 or 3 hours late in the evening and gets any insects that are attracted to the lights when you are entering.

Re: Motion Lights Inside

Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:51 pm

No commercial electricity at shop. I installed solar powered motion detector lights outside the main entrance door and immediately inside the door. They work pretty good. The interior lights provide just enough illumination to see the path around equipment.