Ford 2000 offset

Wed Feb 09, 2005 4:30 pm

Hey guys! I got my hands on a Ford 2000 offset that seems to be complete. Been sitting up a long time outside - a little rust through on some of the sheet metal, but very little. It's been sitting so long, the gas turned to caramel. A very nasty, sticky mess. I'm currrently cleaning and rebuilding the carburetor, and I plan to put in a new fuel line rather than try to clean the old one. The inside of the tank also has the caramel mess. I noticed beads of rust on the gas tank that when I rubbed it, the rust flakes came off and left dimples on the surface. I'm concerned that there may be pin holes. Where can I send the tank to get refurbished, or is it something I can do on my own? Any advice is appreciated!

Sun Feb 13, 2005 9:58 am


What is a Ford 2000 offset. I have a 1964 or 65? Ford 2000 Industrial with the 4 cylinder diesel I still use around the place. Are they similar?