Opening Day

Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:18 pm

This was the first opening day i been out trout fishing in a few years. I watched my son fishing in a river for about 30 minutes while i sat at a picnic table nearby. Then i picked up a lure i had for 30 years a white bucktailed inline spinner in my tacklebox and gave it a squirt of Mikes trout scent and made one cast. I had a quick strike but couldn't hook it. I made another quick cast with no results. So seeing it was a larger trout i up sized may lure with no scent and landed it. I caught a 15" rainbow trout. Then i sat down again.

I take in abandoned kittens and i use the fish to feed them every so often. I don't have any more mice in my tractors since the last 3 kittens been going outside. They even love the cold and snow too. I have 5 cats patrolling my 2 acres now.

Re: Opening Day

Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:34 am

Awesome fishing story...we can fish the mighty killer kern river year round in the lower elevations...haven't been in a couple of years....they are usually 12" and are fun to catch....we just use salmon eggs. Now when we going to the mens retreat at Hume lake they stock some that are 10lbs and over..they are huge.
Robert (need a license) Miller

Re: Opening Day

Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:17 am

One of my favorites ia marshmellows! Trout candy :D

Re: Opening Day

Sun May 03, 2009 10:32 pm

I watched 3 or 4 guys fish this spot and walk on catching nothing as we got there. My son worked it over and walked on too. I'm hooked on using fish scents now. I fished well used water.

I started bass fishing just before i retired. It was costing me up to $50 a week for livebait. Then one night as a front was comming in just before the rain i was reeling in a night crawler and had a strike. I figured they wanted something moving so i put on a #3 mepps inline spinner and started catching bass after bass. I gave the spinner a shot of baitmate bass scent. My son said do i have another spinner? I threw hiom another one i had and we caught doubles for about an hour. It was a bass feeding frenzy. We were fishing in an old swamp that most people pass up. Its feed from a larger lake thats known for northern pike. My biggest bass was about 3lbs but my biggest pickerel was about 28" long.

I purchased a few different brands of scents for bass. I been using the baitmate bass scent, the baitmate crawfish scent, the yum shad scent, the yum crawfish and the riverside crawfish scent with great success so far.

You need to cover all the fishes sences when using lures. Sight, smell and sound but keep in mind the size , the color and the presentation matters too.

Don't wear bright colors, if you can see the fish it can see you so you need to blend in.

I been looking for a new state record for a large mouth bass the past few years, so far i caught up to 10lbs and seen bigger bass. The state record is 12lb 4oz. I'm sure it can be beat from the fish i have seen.

I caught the 10lber in the shallows at about 5am at first light (dusk). The size of the fish scared me at first because i never seen a fresh water fish that big. The only place i seen fish that big is in saltwater. It had a bucket mouth that could eat small ducks.